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Our vision is an American government that reflects the diversity of its citizens. We’re on a mission to elect inclusive Arab-American Democrats to public office and to elect other Democrats committed to our inclusive agenda. We endorse candidates who strengthen the participation of Arab Americans within the political process and create pathways for the integration of Arab Americans into the Democratic Party.


Here are the 2020 Congressional candidates endorsed by AADAF:

Jamaal Bowman, NY-16

Jamaal Bowman is the Democratic nominee for New York's 16th congressional district. He is a Bronx middle school principal and has been a teacher and public school advocate for twenty years. He was born and raised in New York City and spent his early years in public housing and later in rent-controlled apartments. If elected to Congress Jamal will focus on strengthening public school education. Jamal supports Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, a progressive foreign policy with an emphasis on universal human rights, diplomacy as opposed to wars, a humane border policy, criminal justice reform, and combating Islamophobia, anti- Semitism, and xenophobia.

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Debbie Dingell, MI-12

Debbie Dingell represents the 12th District of Michigan in the U.S. House of Representatives. This district is home to the largest Arab-American community in the country. Before being elected to Congress, Debbie was the Chair of the Wayne State University (WSU) Board of Governors. An active civic and community leader, she is a recognized national advocate for women and children. Debbie is a respected voice in Michigan.  She co-hosted Detroit Public Television’s “Am I Right,” regularly served as a panelist on “Flashpoint,” a public affairs program on WDIV-TV4 Detroit, and was named one of the 100 most influential women in Michigan. 

Cori Bush, MO-01

Cori Bush represents Missouri's first district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Prior to her election into the House of Representatives, Cori became an ordained pastor, as well as a registered nurse, as part of her childhood dream. Currently, she is a strong advocate for social justice, and is an active participant in her local community.

Betty McCollum, MN-04

Betty McCollum is a Democrat representing the families of Minnesota’s Fourth District in the United States House of Representatives. In 2000, Congresswoman McCollum made history as only the second Minnesota woman elected to serve in Congress since statehood in 1858. McCollum represents the residents of Minnesota's capital city, St. Paul, as well as all of Ramsey County and most of Washington County.

Throughout her career in public service, Congresswoman McCollum has been a champion for human rights including those of the Palestinian people, excellence in education, protecting the environment, expanding health care access, fiscal responsibility, and robust international engagement that prioritizes diplomacy, development, along with a strong national defense.

Ayanna Pressley, MA-07

Ayanna Pressley represents the 7th district of Massachusetts in the United States House of Representatives. She was elected in November of 2018, making her the first woman of color to be elected into Congress. During her campaign, Ayanna emphasized bold activism and leadership, and she continues to carry this out as a member of Congress. She has introduced legislation for fair workers' compensation, criminal justice reform, and reproductive rights, among many others. She has also pushed for holding the White House accountable for its actions, and led the push for the creation of the Future Transportation Caucus. 

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Rashida Tlaib.White Suit Pic.FINAL (2) (
Rashida Tlaib, MI-13

Rashida Tlaib represents Michigan's 13th congressional district, the third poorest in the nation. She is a relentless human rights advocate, and as she would say, “a mother working for justice for all.” Her two young sons are the root of her unwavering passion to help change lives for the better. She is the oldest of 14 children, born and raised in Detroit, and the proud daughter of Palestinian immigrant parents. Rashida made history in 2008 by winning her race for State Representative and becoming the first Muslim woman to ever serve in the Michigan Legislature. She served three terms and rose to the Democratic Chair of the Michigan House Appropriations Committee. She is a champion of economic & environmental justice, civil rights, raising the minimum wage, and human rights.

Mark Pocan, WI-02

Mark Pocan was elected in 2013 to serve as U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 2nd congressional district. Mark is committed to fighting for policies that promote economic and social justice. He is Co-Chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus and the Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC). He is a fighter for high-quality public education, clean energy, raising the minimum wage, and voting rights. 

Summer Lee, PA-12

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Summer Lee is running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 12th district. In 2018, she was elected into the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, defeating a 20-year incumbent, and becoming the first Black woman from Western PA to ever be elected into the state legislature. During her time in office, Summer has been a strong advocate for environmental justice, police accountability, immigration rights, reproductive rights, and racial equality. She has championed efforts in community revitalization, and is a relentless advocate for union and workers' rights. 

If elected into the U.S. House of Representatives, Summer will continue to fight for racial equality, environmental justice, and economic equality. She will be the first Black woman elected to Congress from the state of Pennsylvania, and vows to fight for a brighter future for all Americans. 

Joaquin Castro, TX-20

Joaquin currently serves as a representative for Texas' 20th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. Influenced by the work of his parents and by the groundwork laid by his grandparents, Joaquin has carried with him a passion for community service and outreach throughout his personal and professional life. He is a strong advocate for education, having founded SA Reads, a San Antonio-based literacy campaign. In the House, Joaquin continues to advocate for community outreach and education initiatives, among his other platform objectives. 

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